Effective cancer treatment with no side effects

Does anyone you love have cancer? Then please check this out.

Dr. Fred Hatfield suffered from skeletal cancer and was given three months to live. He heard of metabolic therapy, a/k/a the ketogenic diet, and figured he had nothing to lose, so gave it a try. Guess what? It worked. The cancer disappeared and has not returned, more than a year later.

The ketogenic diet has a dramatic and rapid effect on cancer. All of your body’s cells are fueled by glucose, including cancer cells. When you switch to a ketogenic diet, all your cells EXCEPT the cancer cells switch over and burn fat instead. The cancer cells don’t have the mechanism to switch over and if you’re not giving them glucose, they can’t thrive.

It’s long been known that sugar feeds cancer. The ketogenic diet goes even further by strictly curbing carbohydrates. It’s not enough to simply add cancer fighting foods to one’s diet; you have to stop feeding the cancer cells altogether.

Why isn’t the news media shouting this from the rooftops? 

You may think that a low-fat diet is ideal because that’s what the “experts” recommended for years, but more and more it’s becoming clear that low-fat diets are actually detrimental to your health. The truth is that good fats, natural fats, such as coconut oil, olive oil, butter (yes, butter!), eggs, avocados, and nuts are extremely beneficial to one’s health. You don’t need to be scared of adding these good fats to your diet. It turns out they’re NOT the culprits of heart disease. The real culprit is inflammation. Guess where inflammation comes from? That’s right… carbs.

Oh, and the ketogenic diet is beneficial for those who suffer from epilepsy and seizures, too. And if you’re a regular reader of mine, you know about how to fight Alzheimer’s with coconut oil. It’s getting more and more difficult to ignore the amazing results of high fat diets.

I have tremendous respect for my doctor who explained to me over a year ago the benefits of good fat and the dangers of carbohydrates and inflammation. While I haven’t been following a strict ketogenic diet, I have been adhering to a modified ketogenic diet which some experts say is a cancer preventing strategy. I didn’t begin eating that way for that reason; I simply began eating that way when it was recommended to me, and I feel so much better that I choose to continue eating this way.

I recently saw a news story about cancer patients–while hospitalized on the oncology unit, undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, all the traditional procedures–who were given afternoon treats of cupcakes! Apparently, it’s fine with the doctor and fine with the hospital. I’m sure it was fine with the drug company. It’s frustrating that traditional medicine does not consider diet a big factor in disease.

For more information on exactly what a ketogenic diet is, check out the links below. Do your own investigation. Talk to your doctor. If he doesn’t know about the benefits of changing your diet when dealing with serious chronic issues, then you might consider changing doctors. I’m just sayin. YOU are ultimately responsible for your own health!

Oh, there is one “side effect” of switching to a ketogenic diet.  You’ll lose weight. Yay!

Sometimes simple really is better.

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